Reading Time: < 1 minute The artist wants to appeal to a younger, urban, tech-savvy audience (Photo: Jay Brave)
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Iconic vegan artist Joel Bravette – better known as Jay Brave – has released a new video to coincide with World Vegan Day (November 1).

The spoken word specialist has been vegan for almost 18 months, in which time he has taken activism and outreach in a fresh direction, remixing it for a younger, urban, tech-savvier audience. 

His repertoire includes thoughtful monologues, provocative spoken word, and catchy parodies.

Vegan Shut Up

Brave’s Vegan Shut Up freestyle video pays homage to grime superstar Stormzy’s smash hit, but with a distinct vegan twist. 

The accompanying visual progresses the vegan message with a colorful and humorous pastiche of London’s vibrant vegan spots – as well as some other familiar people and places.


According to Brave: “There had to be a better way to engage younger audiences to the seriousness of climate change than another academic presentation and so the Vegan Shut Up freestyle was born.

“Since going vegan, people had been throwing all the usual insults my way, but I’ve always thought humor to be the best way to neutralize animosity. 

“When I wrote it, Stormzy’s song was buzzing on the airwaves and the first people to hear my lyrics on his instrumental were immediately in hysterics – the rest is vegan comedy history.”

You can find the video onJay Brave’s Facebook page here

Jay Brave will be one of the exciting guest speakers and performers at this year’sVevolution Festival in London, alongsideHeather Millsand Made in Chelsea’sLucy Watson.


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