Reading Time: < 1 minute A number of plant milks were available for attendees to try (Photo: Darice Chang)
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Taiwan hosted its first event in recognition of World Plant Milk Day (WPMD) this year – organised by blogger and activist Darice Chang of The Vegan Dan Dan – just a few days after the official event.

?Spearheaded by Plant Based News and nonprofit ProVeg International, the official WPMD took place on August 22, and was highlighted by a number of major news publications and trended on Twitter within the UK for several hours.


Chang arranged for the WPMD celebration to take place August 25, in conjunction with SURGE Activism’s Official Animal Rights March in London – which saw an estimated 10,000 attendees and was headlined by such speakers as Earthling Ed and actor Evanna Lynch.

As part of the day’s events, a speech on plant milk was made – specifically targeted at raising awareness of non-soy options, which are less readily available in Taiwan than other areas.

Bai of popular Taiwanese vegan YouTube channel Go Vegan also appeared, to share his vegan story and speak to the benefits of a plant-based diet.

Plant-based offerings

In addition to the presentations, a number of non-dairy milks were given out as free samples – including the products of Almond Breeze, Scotti, and JOOCE, a nut milk company founded in Shanghai.

Attendees were also able to try plant-based baked goods and a vegan take on traditional Japanese dumplings.

Emily Court

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