Woman Loses Weight And Gets Ripped After?Switching To A?Plant Based Diet

Woman Loses Weight And Gets Ripped After?Switching To A?Plant Based Diet


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The Oxford student has transformed her body by ditching animal products (Photo: Instagram) - Media Credit:
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A 20-year-old woman achieved her ‘dream body’ after becoming plant-based, picking up more than 540,000 Instagram followers in the process.

UK-based Grace Beverley, who studies at the University of Oxford, now weighs 136lb, and is a UK size 8-10.

Speaking about her plant-based journey, Beverley told The Daily Star: “I feel so much healthier, especially since I started following a vegan diet.

“I now eat plant-based food, I lift heavy and do what I want to do when exercising.”


The social media star, who shares her top weightlifting tips on her @gracefituk Instagram profile, also spoke about how shunning animal products helped her mentally.

“Mentally, this transformation has been huge for me. I’ve become so much more confident and I’m in such a better place in terms of my relationship with food.

“I was mentally in a really bad place – I was really, really insecure; censoring all of my social media accounts to show only photos where I looked way better than in real life.”

Beverley revealed that she developed an unhealthy relationship with food following a car accident, where her daily calorie intake was ranging from just 100 to 5,000.

“I tried every fad diet under the sun and either ate absolutely everything or absolutely nothing. I used to eat a block of cheddar cheese, melted, as an after school snack, every day.”

The student also shares her vegan recipes onYouTubewhere she has more than 177,000 subscribers.


Beverley has also developed a workout regime called the Grace Fit Guide, which involves 16 weeks of weightlifting workouts, diet, and fitness advice.

She advises others who want to kick-start their fitness journey to ‘set small goals and reach them’. 

She added: “Make a calendar and cross off the days you do something to get closer to your goals; every 10 ticks, you get a present.

“Make it achievable and take it day-by-day.”


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