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Striking images have revealed the extent of wildfires that are currently blazing across Indonesia.

The flames, which come at the same time as massive fires roar across the Amazon rainforest, have been described by the BBC as a ‘devastating ecological tragedy’.

Indonesia, which is home to some of the world’s oldest tropical forests, is currently experiencing its dry season. And according to reports, this year has seen the worst fires since 2015.


The Canary Islands, Alaska, and Siberia have also seen major wildfires this season, with high temperatures cited as a factor.

In addition, human activity in the form of deforestation has been blamed, with the BBC saying that while these forests are ‘often considered to be the planet’s most bio-diverse places’ large swathes are ‘being destroyed in the name of large-scale commercial efforts’.

It is not yet clear whether the fires in Indonesia can be contained, according to reports, which say the situation will become more clear in coming weeks.