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The Voice judge Will. I. Am. continues to share his new passion for veganism across social media platforms – delivering an impassioned speech via Instagram less than 24 hours after his #VGANG tweet.

The former Black Eyed Peas musician shared his day’s agenda with viewers of his Instagram story, listing multiple trips to the gym and interviews with various media outlets as part of his ‘mission’ and new lifestyle.

‘Not cool with it’

Will. I. Am. cited feeling ‘tantalized’ and ‘hypnotized’ by food companies, and health concerns, as reasons for his change to a plant-based diet.

The star said he’s told his friends he’s going vegan and wasn’t ‘cool with’ being laughed at – explaining that he doesn’t want to be ‘diabetic, with high cholesterol, in and out of the hospital’ because of his diet.


While his friends may not have responded well, commentary on the clip we shared on Facebook was enthusiastic.

Song Julieann Lopez wrote: “I love when celebrities use their platform to share their Vegan lifestyle!”

Yza Buria asked Will.I.Am to go a step further and ‘make songs about the liberation of all animals’.


Commenters aren’t the only ones making requests – Will. I Am. asked that viewers hold him accountable, by helping him stick to what he calls a ‘hard-core commitment’.

“If you see me out there in the world, sippin’ on somethin’ or eatin’ somethin’ that doesn’t go with this plant-based lifestyle, please tap me on the shoulder and be like ‘VGANG’ – because I need the help.”

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