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Last week James Blunt revealed he developed scurvy as a student after adopting a carnivore diet.

According to a report by the Independent, headlined James Blunt got scurvy after eating only meat for two months to annoy his vegan classmates, the singer-songwriter developed the condition in the mid-1990s while studying aerospace manufacturing engineering and sociology at the University of Bristol.

Scurvy, which is caused by extreme vitamin C deficiency, causes symptoms including bleeding gums, rotting teeth, and fatigue among others. A full recovery is usually possible by returning fruits and vegetables to the diet.

Carnivore diet

Blunt visited the doctor after eating nothing but meat and condiments for two months – and the medic decided the youngster had symptoms of scurvy. Blunt then started drinking so much orange juice that he developed acid reflux.

In this video, Plant Based News founder Klaus Mitchell says: “Blunt’s experience on the all-meat diet is a good example of the dangers of the carnivore diet, which has become popular in recent years.”

He adds: “So thank you, James Blunt, for giving us a beautiful example of the dangers of the carnivore diet.”

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