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What The Health Co-Director, Kip Andersen, discusses veganism on Russell Brand’s latest episode of Under The Skin.

The plant-based director explains how people attempted to refute the facts used in both What The Health and Cowspiracy despite being unwilling to debate.

‘It’s all talk, talk, talk’

“We did a public reaching out to anyone who’s ever tried to rebuttal against the film to try to refute the facts,” Andersen said.

“We will do a public online, unedited, with any of our doctors… A few people said they would then we came down to setting up a date and everyone denied. To this day no one will publicly do a debate, it’s all talk talk talk.”

Andersen also talks about bias studies conducted by the meat, dairy, and egg industry themselves – which Brand dubs as an ‘economic interest’ that helps maintain ‘those industries in spite of health risks, in spite of ecological impact, in spite of cruelty’.

‘The truth behind the secret’

On Twitter, the pair said the podcast revealed: “The truth behind the secret behind the truth of the real secret of the truth.”

Brand added: “If you’re curious about veganism and its ecological and dietary philosophical impact then you’ll probably enjoy this episode of Under The Skin.”

The full podcast will air exclusively on Luminary on June 15

Liam Giliver

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