Reading Time: < 1 minute WeWork says it aims to be 'as planet-friendly as possible' (Photo: Instagram)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

WeWork –
a major corporation specializing in coworking spaces and fostering startups –
has announced a company-wide ban on meat.


WeWork will
no longer be serving meat at company events, nor will it reimburse the cost of
meat for its employees.

The ban
will cover red meat, poultry, and pork – and will impact WeWork’s roughly 6000


company was clear in stating that the move was motivated by environmental

to a company-wide email shared by CNN, WeWork anticipates it will save ‘an
estimated 16.7 billion gallons of water, 445.1 million pounds (201.9 million
kg) of CO2 emissions, and over 15 million animals by 2023? with the change of

Miguel McKelvey also added that ‘the [culinary] team has worked hard to create
a sustainable, plentiful, and delicious menu’.


This is
not the first sign WeWork has shown of having an environmental conscience.

zero-waste plan is also detailed on the company website – where is says the ‘goal
is to make WeWork as planet-friendly as possible’.

bottles, compostable cups, and glasses have taken the place of the plastic cups
formerly used at WeWork – while the company has also upgraded its recycling
system to better serve the planet.

Emily Court

Emily Court is a writer and content creator published in Plant Based News, Raise Vegan, Living Vegan and The Financial Diet. A self-described "recovering vegan hothead," she is now a pragmatic member of Vancouver's vibrant and growing plant-powered community. Hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia, she holds a BA in Spanish and certificate in Intercultural Communication from Dalhousie University, where her thesis focused on topics of cultural and gender-based discrimination. She aims to apply a privilege-conscious and culturally sensitive approach to her work in all fields.