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Direct Action Everywhere [DXE] co-founder Wayne Hsiung is an inspiration for many vegan activists globally.

His commitment to saving animals – and exposing the horrors of animal agriculture – have led to his taking part in numerous high profile protests and campaigns.

Earlier this week, Hsiung was arrested following a vigil at a San Francisco slaughterhouse. Plant Based News talked to the activist to find out more about the experience.

After confirming his arrest, Hsiung told us he has a court date in August – and that charges have yet to be determined.

The arrest took place after Hsiung and fellow activists started removing injured animals from the slaughterhouse. He says: “The plan was to ask the slaughterhouse to release all of the animals to us. When they refused, I began to removed injured animals until the police arrived.

“We initially arrived at the abattoir and a group of us went inside. We went straight to the kill floor and asked the owners to acknowledge that animals were suffering in horrific fashion and deserved to be saved.”

His fellow activists left the slaughterhouse with him after he was arrested.

The passionate animal advocate was aware he could get into legal trouble, but says: “The only way to change an unjust law is to break it – and suffer the consequences of your action.”

He now hopes these actions will inspire more activists to get involved in proactive campaigning. “I hope they will realize that it within their personal power to rescue animals from torment.”

DXE has a huge vision for the future. “Our immediate objective, based on the best sociological research, is to build movement centers that have the political power to abolish animal exploitation, one city at a time,” says Wayne.

“In just the past few months, we successfully banned fur in Berkeley and launched the first community center for animals in the US. 

“And with hundreds of dedicated activists, we may soon make Berkeley, CA the first vegan city in the world. Many other cities will follow.”

Those who want to take action can sign DXE’s petition to the city of San Francisco, in the wake of the rescue, to pass the first tier of an animal bill of rights. “This would legally acknowledge animals as living beings, not things, and require every city official account for animal suffering in their consequences,” says Hsiung.

“Second, come to the DXE forum. It’s the best place in the world to meet amazing activists and take direct action to liberate animals. And next year – we have even bigger plans.”


COMING SOON: Plant Based News recently filmed an interview with Wayne Hsiung which will shortly be available.

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