Mass Arrests – Including DXE Co Founder Wayne Hsiung – Reported At Slaughterhouse Protest


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Wayne Hsiung put into handcuffs by police (Photo: Ryan Phillips) - Media Credit:

Around 20 activists have reportedly been arrested at an animal rights protest in the States.

The protest took place at the Saba slaughterhouse in Oakland, California.

Direct Action Everywhere [DXE] co-founder Wayne Hsiung was among the arrests, according to an eye witness.


Activist Ryan Phillips, who attended the event, told PBN: “We entered the Saba slaughterhouse determined to see that the those suffering animals would be given back the birthright of all living beings: the right to life, liberty, and to pursue happiness in their own way.”

Around 200 campaigners attended the event – and reportedly rescued a rabbit, quayle, and a lamb.

According to a post on activist group DXE’s Instagram: “Dozens refused to leave unless all animals were released. They were all arrested in civil disobedience [sic].” 


Phillips told PBN that Hsiung was one of those taken into handcuffs by Oakland Police.

He said: “Hsiung was refusing to leave the slaughter facility until all the animals were taken to animal rescue because of the horrid conditions inside.”

Writing on Facebook he added: “This is what a hero looks like. He is willing to sacrifice his freedom in pursuit of justice for all. 

“The police might as well make him a custom fit pair of handcuffs, because until the world stops abusing animals, he will not back down. 

“Proud to know this man and to have had the honor of following him straight into hell.”


According to Philips, conditions inside the slaughterhouse were extremely grim.

Posting on Facebook, he wrote: “Another image of the horror show that we witnessed at the Saba Live Poultry slaughter facility. 

“Wings, feathers, legs, blood, guts, and more could be seen strewn across the floor. And just a clear plastic strip door (easily seen and heard through) separating the living animals from those being executed.

“It is no wonder all the chickens crammed into their tiny cages were terrified.”

PBN has contacted DXE for updated information about arrests and charges.

Wayne Hsiung has reportedly been released.


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