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Hollywood heavyweight Arnold Schwarzenegger has taken to social media to discuss the impact of animal agriculture on greenhouse gas emissions.

In a video posted online, he says: “From an environmental point of view we know that raising livestock creates 28 per cent of our greenhouse gases in the world. 

“We have to reduce our greenhouse gases because we’re killing seven million people a year because of our pollution. We can do better than that.

“Each and every one of us has the power to cut our consumption of meat. I just think we should all work together to reduce our pollution – I think this is a very important issue.”


So is the star practising what he preaches? He admits to meat reducing, saying: “I eat much less meat than I ever did before. I eat meat twice a week.

“I love vegetables and salads – I think these are very healthy for our body. I think when you get old, especially, you have to cut down on all those things [meat].

Sadly though, the muscle man said he doesn’t think he will ever “be full vegan.”


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