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A dairy farmer has accused vegan activists of trying to ‘ruin the industry’.

The interchange between the farmer and vegan activist Joey Carbstrong was filmed and shared on YouTube.

The farmer approaches the vegan stall Carbstrong is advocating from and says: “You gotta be very careful. You could ruin our industry.”

Carbstrong replies: “Well that’s what we’re trying to do.”

Joey Carbstrong discusses dairy with a farmer

Not a perfect world

The activist adds that vegans do not want to see farmers out of work, but that they want to see the end of animal exploitation and abuse.

The farmer says: “[Our] whole community is built on the cow’s back, and here you are trying to destroy it.”

When Joey Carbstrong asks the farmer where the cow’s choice is in being sent to the slaughterhouse and eaten, he replies: “We don’t live in a perfect world, mate.”

You canwatch the full exchange on YouTube here