WATCH: Celebrities Russell Simmons, Waka Flocka, and Mýa Talk About Why They Are Vegan


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Three vegan celebs sit down to share a vegan meal – and spill the beans about their lifestyle – in this video from animal charity PETA.

A spokesperson for PETA says: “Watch hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, R&B songstress Mýa, and rapper Waka Flocka in an exclusive chat with PETA about their enthusiasm for a vegan lifestyle and hopes that other people might be inspired to try going vegan as well.

“They shared a gourmet vegan meal to discuss what it means to each of them to keep animal “products” off of their plate and out of their bodies.

“The three each spoke about their decisions to go vegan and how removing animals from their plate has changed each of them.”


The three stars discussed their transitions to veganism.

According to Waka Flocka: “I tried going vegan in about 2014. I’m not gonna lie – I only lasted about three days.”

The star says he initially adopted the diet because of weight gain – which left him with ‘stretch marks’, and wearing a much larger waist size. He adds that he later started to care about animals.

Mýa says she started veganism as a ‘challenge’, and adds: “Once I opened my eyes and was seeking knowledge, that’s when I received all the information, which led me to stick to it. 

“So now it’s a lifetime commitment, because now I can’t turn back.”


Russell, who has been vegan for nearly 20 years, says he did it for the animals. He says: “People don’t want to be conscious of the suffering. They want to hide from it, they don’t want to see it.

“People start from different places, they have different reasons. You start because you care about the animals, and you learn about health.

“You start because of health, and you talk to other vegans, and they tell you about the animals and the suffering. 

“You’ve been ignoring it the whole time, now suddenly you start embracing it.”

You can watch the videohere.


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