WATCH: Celeb Zooey Deschanel 'Rethinks Meat' And Says Animal Agriculture Is 'Unsustainable'

WATCH: Celeb Zooey Deschanel ‘Rethinks Meat’ And Says Animal Agriculture Is ‘Unsustainable’


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Deschanel is questioning whether the future is meatless (Photo: Facebook) - Media Credit:
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Actor Zooey Deschanel ‘looks for alternatives to meat’ in a veg-centric video that raises awareness of the ‘unsustainability’ of animal agriculture for her Facebook series, Your Food’s Roots.

The 37-year-old actor has interviewed plant-based food tech start-up Beyond Meat‘s CEO Ethan Brown to learn more about the vegan Beyond Burger – as well as nutritionist Philip Goglia to find out whether a meat-free diet can be healthy.

In a bid to discover if leaving meat off one’s plate can also be exciting, Deschanel has talked to Chef Josef Centeno, who uses vegetables as the ‘star of the show’.


Deschanel starts off the video: “It’s hard to think of a more American food than a hamburger.

“We’ve been told there are healthier options for the planet, for our bodies than meat – yet, it’s hard to part with such a staple.

“But what if there is a replacement that was accessible, has as much protein, and actually tasted good?” 


The actor, who is known for her role in 500 Days of Summer and New Girl, admits she tried eating plant-based to minimize her environmental impact, but she found it ‘very difficult’.

Talking about the Beyond Burger, Deschanel said: “When I saw this, I was like ‘That’s the answer’.”

The celeb concludes: “Whether we want to eat less meat or not, we may eventually have to find alternatives, if only because our current system is not sustainable.

“The good news is that people are coming up with exciting substitutes, that not only taste great, but also deliver the same nutrients that human beings need.”

You can watch the full videohere


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