VIDEO: Weightlifter Calls Daily Radio Show – Asking For Advice On Going Vegan


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The host of a daily radio show was surprised when a caller phoned in – then asked to speak to the show’s producer.

In the clip, posted earlier today, The David Pakman Show host David asks caller Victor what’s on his mind.


The show, which describes itself as ‘progressive’, covers a range of topics.

Featuring a daily phone-in, listeners contact host David Pakman (and occasionally the show’s producer, Pat) to talk about these various issues including religion, politics, and the media.

Pakman seems surprised when Victor revealed the topic of his call.


Victor says this is a question for plant-based producer Pat, and adds: “I was thinking about going vegan and wondered if you had any preferred cheese substitutes.”

Pat recommends Daiya cheese, but adds: “Largely, I don’t use cheese substitutes.

“I know you can make a cheese out of cashews – which may be a surprise to you David [show host].

“What I do like is cream cheese substitutes.”


When Victor is asked when – and why – he’s thinking of making the transition, he says: “Maybe in a week or so.

“I’ve been thinking about it about a month. My whole life I’ve been a heavy meat eater.

“A few months ago I started weightlifting and heard a few benefits about eating a vegan diet and weightlifting – and I started thinking.

“Where I live, vegetables are pretty cheap, so I think it will be pretty easy.”


While both Pakman and Pat were unable to offer Victor much advice, the comments section of the video was flooded with helpful vegans trying to address Victor’s question about cheese.

One said: “I’ve been vegan for one and a half years, but I still think cheese substitutes are quite bad. 

“Daiya is alright, but still far from real cheese. If you want cheese flavor, use nooch. It doesn’t have the cheese texture, but it will give you a nice Parmesan replacement.”?

Another simply added: “Daiya cheese is the worst!!?”

You canwatch the whole segment here


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