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Celebrity actor and former footballer Vinnie Jones has described plant-based diets as a ‘good way to go’ for a healthier lifestyle.

The star, who recently featured in Alpro’s latest oat-milk campaign, made the comment in an exclusive interview with the Mirror.

‘Lovely vegan foods’

He told the news outlet: “I’m massively into conservation and nature, especially the British countryside. Going forward, plant-based food is where we’ve got to be.

“There are some lovely vegan foods out there. It’s a good way to go, for the environment, and a healthier lifestyle.”

Jones did point out that he isn’t completely plant-based himself, adding: “I do love a steak, though. It’s ­probably my favorite meal.”

Vegan milk campaign

Earlier this month, Jones recreated a famous dairy campaign – but this time swapped out cow’s milk for a vegan alternative.

He teamed up with pop star Pixie Lott and boxer Nicola Adams for the campaign by plant-based giant Alpro.

The campaign, which features the slogan ‘Make Yours Oat’ parodies a famous 2010 pro-dairy version called ‘Make Milk Mine’, which enrolled the three celebrities to boost sales.

Jones said: “Let’s not beat around the bush – in 2020, we all know there’s a new ‘tache in town. I was a bit reluctant to have a good shave before the shoot and lose my rugged good looks – but I think the ‘moat-stache’ looks pretty damn good on me. I’m taking it back to Hollywood.”

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