Video Of Vegan Rapper Visiting Factory Farm Hits Over 5.5 Million Views


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French vegan rapper Stomy Bugsy in the battery farm (Photo: DxE) - Media Credit:

A video of a vegan rapper visiting a French factory farm has garnered more than 5.5 million views on Facebook and YouTube.

Stomy Bugsy went to the battery hen facility with global animal rights group Direction Action Everywhere (DxE). The group shared the video on its French Facebook page, garnering 4.5 million views. Media outlet Brut than shared the video, racking up another million. In addition, the video has been shared on DxE’s English page.

According to DxE, Bugsy made the visit and subsequent video in a bid to ‘expose the dark side of the egg industry’. The organization says 69 percent of all laying hens are raised in cages – over 33 million at any given time.

DxE’s video with Stomy Bugsy

‘It’s hell’

“I wasn’t expecting this,” said Bugsy. “I was expecting something pretty bad but this is hell. Where do all these eggs end up? They go into these kinds of cookies that we give to our children, or that we buy for ourselves.

“Have you seen this business? Is this a business? Is it a farm? No, it’s hell. Look how overcrowded and stressed [the chickens] are. They never see the light of day. They never even see grass or dirt. They live in their own excrement, they are diseased.

“What is this? It has to stop. Open your eyes. This is hell. It’s really hellish. I wasn’t expecting this. I was expecting something pretty bad, but this, this is hell. It’s dismal, it’s horrible, they never leave these cages. They’ll live like this for one year, laying egg after egg, and then they’ll go to the slaughterhouse. Can you imagine a life like this? Is this how we should treat living beings on earth?

You can watch the video with English subtitles here

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