Reading Time: 2 minutes The series will make you a more effective advocate
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Plant Based News has partnered with the Center for Effective Vegan Advocacy (CEVA) to launch a series of videos to help vegans improve their advocacy.

CEVA’s mission is to increase the impact of vegan advocacy worldwide, offering training sessions around the globe. Now the organization wants to reach more advocates, in a more easily accessible and digestible format, via the videos, which are available to watch online now.

The videos – created by vegan influencers Dr. Melanie Joy and Tobias Leenaert, and directed and produced by Roxy Vélez from Vexquisit Studio – present one key concept per episode about how to advocate veganism effectively in an engaging, clear, and easily understandable manner.

The series trailer

Effective vegan advocacy

“The vegan movement is only as effective as its proponents – which are, to a large degree, vegan advocates,” according to CEVA. “Therefore, increasing the effectiveness of vegan advocates increases the effectiveness of the movement as a whole.

“It’s important for vegans to be, whenever possible, not just “lifestyle vegans” but also advocates, promoting veganism.

“And it’s also important to be effective advocates – advocates who are ineffective can be unproductive or even counterproductive for the movement.”

?Video 1: Remember your own Carnism

Vegan videos

The videos are available now on the vegan advocacy section of Plant Based News here and on PBN‘s Ethics & Activism YouTube channel.

The first episode (above) is titled Remember your own Carnism.

“Remembering what it was like when you used to be non-vegan, and speaking about that experience in a personal way, makes it easier for you to stay empathically connected with non-vegans,” says CEVA.

The videos have been released on PBN‘s vegan advocacy section here

You can find out more about CEVA’s training events here

*This story was updated on December 13 to reflect that the videos are all available now, and will not be released weekly as originally stated.

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