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Plant-based olympic cycling champion and British jockey, Victoria Pendleton C.B.E, is urging people to ditch meat in order to ‘reduce our impact on the planet’.

Celebrating the start of World Meat Free Week, which runs from June 17-23, the celebrity athlete herded three sheep, Caulin, Baa-bara, and Bomade, that were made from vegetables across London Bridge.

The stunt makes reference to the Freemans Great Sheep Drive, a 12th Century tradition where granted access to bring livestock and tools into the City, without paying tax, resulted in actual sheep being herded across the bridge.

‘Sit up, take notice and eat less meat’

In a statement sent to Plant Based News, Pendleton, an ambassador for World Meat Free Week, said: “For World Meat Free Week I’m encouraging more people to try just one meat-free meal as eating fewer animal products is the single biggest way to reduce our impact on the planet.

“We need more people to sit up, take notice, and eat less meat – and we can have a big impact on the Earth’s future.”

World Meat Free Week

Last year’s World Meet Free Week received support from an array of celebrities including Joanna Lumley and comedian John Bishop.

“Just by choosing to go meat-free, even if just for one meal, you’ll make a big difference to your health, to others, and to our planet… Thanks for helping make our world a better place!” the initiative wrote on Instagram.

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