Reading Time: < 1 minute Glover and Land, before their brief hiatus (Photo: Facebook)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

The founders of massively popular vegan challenge Veganuary have announced their next big project – but are keeping the details underwraps for now.

Husband and wife team Matthew Glover and Jane Land were on a brief hiatus from activism, after stepping down from Veganuary saying that ‘intensity and heartache’ has taken its toll.

Apparently revived after little more than a month, a Facebook post from Glover now calls for job applicants to help with their next undertaking.

Call for applicants

The informal job listing mentions that the pair are seeking to fill remote roles in 10 countries, including Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, China, India, and Australia.

It also specifies that applicants should be multilingual, have strong networking and social media skills, and be ‘mission-driven with a passion for effective animal activism’.


When Land and Glover stepped down from Veganuary, their official statement said: “After we’ve packed away our laptops, had a digital detox, we’ll come back refreshed to serve the animals and our planet again with further campaigning opportunities later this year.”

‘Later this year’ was sooner than some had imagined – Glover told Plant Based News the new project will launch early in 2019.

In response to a comment on the brevity of their break, Glover wrote that ‘while ever there’s animals suffering in the world’ he and Land have ‘gotta keep at it’.

Emily Court

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