Vegans To Protest Live Animal Transport On International Awareness Day


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Live export is extremely gruelling for animals - many of whom die en route (Photo: Shpernik088) - Media Credit:

A coalition of animal welfare groups has organized a day of action supporting International Stop Live Transport Awareness Day in Bath city centre on Thursday June 14.

The day aims to unite groups and individuals across the world in making a stand and opposing the trade in and long-distance transportation of live animals. More than 100 groups in over 30 countries and on six continents will be taking part.

The action is coordinated by leading animal protection charity Viva! along with Bath Animal Save and Bristol Animal Save. Those involved will wear chicken masks and show video footage.


According to the groups, millions of animals suffer enormously each year, as they are transported thousands of kilometres, without sufficient food, water or rest.

“Animals are regularly transported from countries with animal protection laws to those with none, facing terrible conditions both during transport and at their final destination, slaughter,” says the coalition.

“Severe overcrowding prevents animals from lying down, which poses risks to animals which that may be too sick or weak to stand, including injuries or being trampled to death.”

In addition, trucks are often driven through various countries, leading the animals to experience dramatically fluctuating temperatures including blistering heat and sub-zero temperatures in one journey, which can result in dehydration and sometimes often death.

‘Full of secrecy’

Juliet Gellatley, Viva!’s Founder and Director, said: “The live transport industry is one full of secrecy and deliberately hidden from the public eye.

“Animals are transported in shocking conditions just so their flesh can be kept ‘fresh’ for its arrival at the slaughterhouse.

“Our undercover investigations expose the atrocities that take place inside British factory farms – forcing the public to face facts about where their food comes from.”

‘Miserable lives’

She added: “The fact that the animals are forced to ensure short, miserable lives in these farms only to be sent to their death in such horrific conditions sends a clear and simple message: this industry has no respect for these animals or their welfare.

“We at Viva! are in support of this global day of action because we feel it is our duty to show the world the horrific journey millions of helpless animals are taken on just to keep this industry afloat. Shortly after reaching their final destination they are slaughtered.

“Animals are sentient beings and feel pain and stress just like we do. The only way to end this vicious cycle of pain, misery and suffering is to stop eating animals and go vegan.”

This action will take place at 11am on June 14 at 5 Union Street, Bath BA1 1RS.

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