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Taiwan‘s second Animal Rights March attracted more than 400 participants earlier this month – more than double the attendance of the first march last year.

Notable attendees at the event earlier this month include Asia’s Next Top Model contestant Mia Sabathy and alumni Barbara Akemi, as well as CEO Fanny Su of Colorstone, who sponsored cruelty-free meals for the Asia Pacific Film Festival this year.

For the first time, the march was divided into five different groups reflecting the ways humans exploit animals – Economically Exploited Animals; Companion Animals; Animals Used for Science; Wildlife; and Animals Used for Entertainment.

Vegan movement

“Taiwan has a long history of vegetarianism, owing mostly to its strong Buddhist roots,” said event organizers. “Those concerned with animal rights, however, differ from religious vegetarians in that they generally follow a vegan diet and lifestyle, and do not consume eggs or dairy products due to the inevitable suffering of animals used to produce them.

“Veganism has been growing rapidly in Taiwan during the last decade, especially among young people. There are now more than 30 fully-vegan cafes and restaurants in Taipei, as well as bakeries, night market stalls, and other food outlets.”

The first animal rights march was held in December 2017, when approximately 150 people braved the winter rain to march through Taipei’s Xinyi district.

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