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Yesterday was iconic Blink 182 drummer- and vegan – Travis Barker’s birthday.

Fans of the rocker, who is 42 years old, praised him for his youthful looks – putting them down to his vegan lifestyle.

Instagram user kendallbrownleee said: “He looks 25.”

Lalathequeenbee added: “He looks AT LEAST 20 years younger than that.

“It’s living plant-based and staying off the animal stuff that has made him so young.

“Veganism for the win!!”


Barker, who turned vegetarian when he was 15, has been vegan for more than a decade.

He previously told Men’s Journal: “Honestly, ever since I found this way of eating I have endless amounts of energy.

“I can go all day, and after it all I never find myself getting tired. 

“No matter what kind of shows I have done, or workouts I do on top of it, I still have to force myself to sleep at night.”

Thank you

The gracious star took to social media to thank all the well wishers for their kind words.

He wrote: “Thank you all for the BDAY wishes. 

“I thank God for another year. I promise to make every second count, be the best I can be and continue to grow . 

“Love and blessings #Blessed #Bdaylove #ScorpioSeason #IDidItMyWay.”


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