Vegan Strongman Blasts Joe Rogan After Being Insulted In Podcast


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Joe Rogan hit out at Patrik Baboumian on his podcast - Media Credit:

Vegan strongman Patrik Baboumian has hit out at Joe Rogan after being insulted in the comedian’s popular podcast.

Rogan interviewed professional strongman Robert Oberst in episode #1321 of The Joe Rogan Experience. During the episode, Rogan and Oberst spoke about Baboumian, questioning his credentials, world records, and size.

Baboumian made a video on his own YouTube channel to address the topics discussed. He said: “They spent six minutes just talking sh*t about me…I’m going to just set the record straight about some of the bullsh*t they were putting out.”

Vegan strongman

The conversation around Baboumian starts when Rogan asks Oberst what kind of diet strongmen are on. Oberst replies that they ‘basically eat the exact same thing, a ton of meat and rice, and we do a lot of peppers’. Rogan then asks: “No one’s vegan?”

“What we see here is that Joe is trying to push this in a certain direction,” Baboumian says. “What is it with you and veganism, Joe?”

When Oberst tells Rogan that no one is vegan, he asks: “What about that one guy, Patrik what the f*ck’s his name?”

Patrik Baboumian responds to Joe Rogan

Patrik Baboumian

Oberst says there’s a vegan strongman, whose name he doesn’t remember, adding ‘he’s never been the world’s strongest man’.

“Yes, you’re right,” says Baboumian. “I have never won the World’s Strongest Man. Have you ever won the World’s Strongest Man? I was just wondering so I checked your Wikipedia. It doesn’t mention one single competition you’ve won. That’s weird, isn’t it? So it looks like you haven’t won anything in your career. And I haven’t won World’s Strongest Man, that’s right.

“But then, I’ve won some other competitions, like German Open Overall Champion, two times German Lightweight Champion in Strong Man, German Heavyweight Champion in Strongman, European Champion in Raw Power Lifting, one official Lightweight World Record, three official Heavyweight World Records. Against zero competitions won.”

Joe Rogan and veganism

Multiple viewers noted Rogan’s tendency to discuss veganism, with one saying: “Joe Rogan is obsessed with veganism and I think he’s backing himself into a corner. Eventually, when he starts to understand the science, and it becomes even more mainstream, he will want to be vegan, but he will feel too proud because of everything he’s said over the years.”

Another added: “Joe Rogan is the biggest closet vegan, it’s all he ever talks about.”

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