Reading Time: 2 minutes Will.I.Am changed his health on a plant-based diet (Photo: Instagram/iamwill)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Outspoken vegan star Will.I.Am has shared a video on Instagram, in which he compares America’s Food and Drug Administration [FDA] to drug dealers.

He accused the FDA – a US federal agency which regulates food and medicine safety – of ‘allowing bullshit f**d to enter our society and pumping drugs as the solution’.

The Voice judge and former Black Eyed Peas musician used the post as an opportunity to share his thoughts on prescription medicine and lifestyle choices.

Animals and health

In the video, he says: “If we didn’t have these fancy utensils, would I have the ability to go up to a living creature and like, kill it, to savagely eat it? Could I?

“It wasn’t, ‘I love animals, let’s save the planet’, at first.”

He talks about the health issues that led him to a plant-based lifestyle, and how his doctor prescribed medication above diet to deal these issues, claiming that ‘you can’t really trust the nutrition world’.

Will.I. Am says: “As if I’m supposed to trust the FDA!”

Instead, he decided to ‘take control’ of his own health – relying on diet and exercise – instead of pills.

The video posted by Will.I.Am

‘Drug dealer’

In the caption accompanying the video, he wrote: “A drug dealer is a drug dealer…Whatever it is…it’s not natural…Opioids, Crack, Meth, Molly, Heroin what ever…

“Imma stay 100% natural…Even if the doctor prescribes it to me, I question why?

“If my body can’t work out or eat right to get right then maybe I’ll take a pill… Like an antibiotic… Other than that I’m cool.. If I’m in serious pain, then maybe I’ll take a pain killer…

“That’s just me…I’m not telling anyone to do as I do… I’m just doing me…[sic].”

‘Pumping drugs’

Since Will.I.Am adopted a plant-based diet last year to deal with a host of health issues including high blood pressure and cholesterol he has been an outspoken advocate of plant-based eating. 

Last month he shared a video in which he talk about ‘dark forces’ conspiring to ‘keep us sick’ – a reference to how unhealthy diets often lead to being medicated, rather than lifestyle changes.

In this recent post, he consolidated that idea, saying: “The FDA is allowing bulls**t food to enter our society and pumping drugs as the solution… I can’t trust it… So Imma go on a preventive lifestyle…

“Eat right + Work out+ Stay Tight = SelfMedicated… I go to the doctor for check-ups and emergencies… I see my trainer and nutritionist every week… [sic].”

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