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Vegan social media star Zanna Van Dijk has presented a program called Is It Possible To Live Plastic Free for BBC Earth.

Van Dijk, who has a large social media following, was initially well-known for her fitness and health content. But in recent times, she has also started using her platform to share information about sustainability and reducing plastic waste.

The first episode – which is available now – looks at how possible it is to live plastic-free. It looks at plastic-free July, areas where it’s hard or easy to be low plastic, and how plastic is processed. Episode two will cover recycling and waste management – and where waste goes.

The first episode of the series

Vegan and sustainable

Speaking exclusively to Plant Based News, Van Dijk said: “I got involved with the BBC when I started doing Instagram takeovers for them a year or so ago, doing content across its social media about the beach cleanups that I was doing around the world.

“Through doing that, I made connections with the team there, and expressed my passion about sustainability. When they decided to do a mini-series related to plastic, they thought of me to present it and then we had meetings to brainstorm concepts and guests.

“So I was actually involved in curating the series in a sense because I suggested we should get should certain people involved. The BBC had tons of amazing ideas as well – so we worked together to create the series to make sure we were ticking off all the boxes.

“There are just two episodes in this miniseries – and fingers crossed there will be more coming. I’m really excited about it – I admire everything BBC Earth is doing, and it’s an honor to be working with such a respected authoritative voice.”

You can watch the program on YouTube here

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