Reading Time: < 1 minute A small selection of the delectable offerings on the Instagram page (Photo: Naturally.Jo)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

The Mail Online news outlet has described images created by a 16-year-old vegan Instagrammer as ‘mouthwatering‘.

The Naturally.Jo page was created by Jose, a teenager from Lima, Peru.

According to the Mail: “A popular Instagram account has managed to do what some would call the impossible: making healthy vegan food look gorgeous, mouth-watering, and delicious — even to non-vegans.”


Speaking to the Mail Online, Jose talked about why he chose to transition to a vegan lifestyle.

He said: “I ate animal products for 90 percent of my life, and meat was my favorite thing in the world.

“[But] I was struggling with eating disorders and an unhealthy low-weight.

“I searched for lots of diets online and then the vegan diet popped up. I saw how lots of vegans ate a lot and followed a high-carb diet but still had a perfect fit body, so I started eating less animal products and decided to inform myself about veganism. 

“That is when everything changed and I learned that veganism is a lot more than a diet, it is a lifestyle,’ he went on. ‘Soon after, I made the decision to become vegan. I was no longer looking to lose more weight, but to stop supporting all forms of animal cruelty.”


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