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Vegan activist – and former Baywatch actor – Pamela Anderson has quit her vegan pop-up restaurant project La Table du Marche.

The star recently announced she had teamed up with restauranteur Christophe Leroy in order to open the ‘sexy’ plant-based fine dining experience in St Tropez, in the south of France. It was slated to open for 50 nights.

Anderson extended an invitation French President Emmanuel Macron, hoping to convince the leader to offer her Wikileaks Founder boyfriend Julian Assange – who has been resident in London’s Ecquadorian Embassy since 2012 – political asylum in France.


But just eight days into the venture, Anderson has dropped out, citing ‘circumstances out of my control’.

She took to Instagram to spread the message, writing: “Due to circumstances out of my control I have to remove my name from the collaboration with Christophe Leroy.”

This was a labor of love for the animals to showcase a sexy vegan experience in my favorite village St Tropez.It did not meet expectations or agreements.

“I cannot condone the mistreatment of staff or complete lack of respect. I’m extremely disappointed in this missed opportunity but, will keep finding creative ways to help animals and vulnerable people all over the world. I’m sorry.”


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