Reading Time: 2 minutes Vegan milk sales are on the up (Photo: Adobe. Do not use without permission)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

US sales of vegan milk have grown by six percent over the last year – while cow’s milk sales have declined three percent over the same period, according to a report.

The data, released by the Plant Based Foods Association and The Good Food Institute, also shows that sales of plant-based milks now make up 13 percent of the entire milk category. 

‘Growth engine’

“Plant-based foods are a growth engine, significantly outpacing overall grocery sales,” PBFA Senior Director of Retail Partnerships, Julie Emmett, said of the data.

“We are now at the tipping point with the rapid expansion of plant-based foods across the entire store, so it is critical for retailers to continue to respond to this demand by offering more variety and maximizing shelf space to further grow total store sales.”

World Plant Milk Day

This month is particularly relevant when it comes to dairy-free – as August 22 is World Plant Milk Day (WPMD), an initiative conceived by Robbie Lockie – vegan advocate, campaigner, and Co-founder of Plant Based News – and run in collaboration with international food awareness organization ProVeg.

As the data shows, millions of people around the world are ditching dairy, and opting instead for healthy, delicious drinks made entirely from plants. There are so many reasons to do this – including saving the planet, improving your health, and helping stop the exploitation of cows in the dairy industry.

Because of this, food producers, retailers, and restaurants are making it easier than ever to phase out dairy, offering delicious plant-based alternatives to traditional products, including milk, ice-cream, and cheese.


World Plant Milk Day makes it even easier to ditch dairy, with its 7-Day Dairy-Free Challenge. Just as it sounds, it is a week-long initiative which will help you get started on your exciting dairy-free journey.

If you sign up to take part, you’ll receive daily emails, with all the information, support and recipes you need to succeed. 

So why not join the millions of people worldwide who are opting for kinder, more sustainable, and delicious plant milk?

You can find out more about World Plant Milk Day here

Maria Chiorando

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