Vegan Hikes 2,650 Miles In Plant Based News T-Shirt

Vegan Hikes 2,650 Miles In Plant Based News T-Shirt


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Phillip Hennessy (far right) wears his PBN t-shirt while hiking (Photo: Supplied) - Media Credit:
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A vegan hiked 2,650 miles last year wearing a Plant Based News T-shirt, in a bid to spread the vegan message.

Phillip Hennessy credits PBN with inspiring him to go vegan, along with others including Earthling Ed, James Aspey, Michael Dearborn, and Emily Moran Barwick.

He walked along the 2,650 mile Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) answering questions about vegan food, the lifestyle, and resources with fellow hikers.


Hennessy went vegan 2017. While hiking, after watching videos by PBN and others in between trails, he ditched animal products and decided that he’d undertake a major trail while advocating for the vegan lifestyle himself.

PBN, Surge (Ed Winters), and Plant Space (Michael Dearborn) let me use their logos on a t-shirt while I hiked the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) which helped keep the conversation going for me,” he told PBN.

“Thus motivated, I had 21 conversations about veganism with hikers on the PCT that lasted between several hours and several days. I also had many shorter conversations and did a post-walk project to continue spreading awareness. 

“Since then, I have received many lovely and heartwarming messages from friends and hikers who have made big and small changes. The impacts of PBN and many other dedicated groups and individuals have rippled out through me, and I hope mine ripple out too and combine with everyone else’s to continue creating giant waves.”

You can follow Philip’s adventures on Instagram here

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