Reading Time: < 1 minute Cyrus shows off her new tattoo
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Vegan celeb Miley Cyrus has shown her love for the vegan lifestyle yet again – this time with a new tattoo.

The singer revealed her latest inking – a sunflower above a ‘v’ (The Vegan Society’s symbol) – on Instagram. She captioned the pic: “Vegan for life!”

With more than 30 tattoos, when she posed another pic of the new body modification, she captioned it: “Bumper stickers all over dis bentley.”

Cyrus has committed to a life-long mark of her veganism


The star had a largely positive response to her posting.

User myvibrantlifestyle said: “That’s awesome! If anyone needs help transitioning to a vegan diet I can help!”

Another, miley._smiler, added: “Love ya new tattoo! Love how awesome you are! Yes, Vegan for life!”

Vegan pair

Cyrus is currently dating actor Liam Hemsworth – the on-off pair met in 2009, and were engaged before splitting in 2013. However, they reunited in 2016.

The couple are both vegan – and both have been outspoken about the plant-based lifestyle, recently both taking to Instagram to encourage people to watch new documentaryWhat The Health.


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