Reading Time: 2 minutes Parrish James has been described as a 'vegan machine'
Reading Time: 2 minutes

A vegan athlete has cycled thousands of miles around Australia in order to shine a spotlight on animal suffering.

Parrish James left Melbourne on June 2017 to cycle anti-clockwise and unsupported around the country.

He finished his mission on September 29 after 14 weeks on the road.


James had no one travelling with, or assisting him on his journey. He spent most of his nights in a lightweight tent.

He used no stimulants or drugs – including caffeine – and relied solely on plant power to push him through an average of 200km a day – though some days he cycled as far as 360km.

Due to mechanical issues, James had to take a 14-day break, while his bike was fixed.

Animal Activists Australia

The tenacious athlete took on the challenge in order to help an animal rights organization called Animal Activists Australia [AAA] raise funds for an advertising campaign. 

Animal Activists Australia is a newly-founded volunteer-based, not for profit group that aims to ‘change minds and save lives through animal rights activism, online campaigning, undercover and anonymous investigations, public demonstrations and educational events and vegan related areas’.

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Describing Parrish James as a ‘machine’, an AAA spokesperson told PBN: “As a vegan and as a member of AAA James wants to raise awareness about the breeding, exploitation and killing of billions of animals such as chickens, sheep, cows, pigs, fish and etc. and bring their stories to the mainstream.

“The advertising campaign regarding Parrish’s ride will be in collaboration with Aussie Farms about the new and highly anticipated Australian documentary called Dominion (release date March 2018) – an Australian version of Earthlings.

“The campaign will continue on after his ride until Feb 2018, whilst Parrish and a representative of Animal Activists Australia and Aussie Farms will continue to advocate for it.”

 Activist Experience

The spokesperson adds: “At AAA, with the support of the public, animal lovers and vegans, we aim to do big things and to unite all groups and activists to achieve big things for the animals. 

“For example: Parrish’s big ride, the advertising of the huge documentary Dominion, big screens at street outreach demonstrations such as a projection of footage onto a wall or a 50 inch TV, and an intensive two-day activist event called The Vegan Activist Experience that includes a vigil, public transport demo, and other street/ public demos.”

You can find outmore about the Activist Experience here


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