Vegan Collective Launches Major Competition Offering Prizes To Its Supporters


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The collective sells clothes to raise funds (Photo: HeartCure Collective) - Media Credit:

British vegan collective HeartCure is fundraising to open an animal rights-based social center in Sheffield.

The collective, which was created by vegan activists, has collaborated with a number of animal rights advocates, including Land of Hope and Glory filmmaker Earthling Ed.

As the collective moves into the final few days of fundraising, it has launched a competition where supporters can win up to £1,000 worth of prizes.

You can enter by selecting any perk on the fundraising page. Prizes including Wills Vegan Shoes, Brightzine, Viva La Vegan, PJ Kombucha, and more.


HeartCure hopes to ‘unite the community and bring daily change for veganism’ with its new center, which will include a cafe, library, stage, workstations, ethical clothing store, and zero waste store.

Speaking to PBN about the center, which the collective wants to open in June, member Jordan McCusker said: “The UK vegan community faces a dire problem.

“We desperately need permanent hubs, places to gather, centers within which to share ideas for lasting growth and be inspired. Facebook groups and festivals can only do so much.

“We believe it’ll be a first for the UK and an important base from which to promote a plant-based lifestyle, with weekly events, workshops, classes, talks, and fundraisers.”

Find out more about the center through this video


The center will be open during the day, allowing people to eat, work, and browse there, as well as be inspired and informed about the vegan movement.

The collective hopes the center is the first of many.

McCusker said: “It will be an incredible asset to the thriving vegan community, and also a revolutionary space in which to connect and enlighten the local community to the choices they are making with their food and lifestyles.

“And through the success of this first centre, we’ll have established a model by which other similar vegan hubs can be founded across the country, all closely aligned within a network of shared community values.”

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