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Vegan celebrity Steve-O, of Jackass fame, completed his first triathlon this month.

The ten-year vegan competed in the 32nd annual Nautica Malibu Triathlon in Los Angeles and placed tenth in the celebrity division.

In a celebratory Instagram post, he said that there were ‘tons of celebrities’ at the event, so he was ‘stoked’ about his results.

‘Healthy as f***’

Steve-O has been working on his fitness for months.

In June, he took to Instagram and wrote: “For my birthday this year, I decided to get in the best shape I’ve ever been in. I may be old, but I’m healthy as f***!”

He later shared a post which included a picture of himself and his partner after a run, to announce the upcoming event.


Despite the conclusion of Jackass in 2002, Steve-O – whose real name is Stephen Glover – continues to perform over-the-top stunts.

He’s also known to use his showmanship for activism.

In 2015, the star was jailed for climbing a 100-foot crane on Sunshine Boulevard in an anti-SeaWorld demonstration.