Reading Time: < 1 minute The musician often spreads a vegan message (Photo: Plant Based News)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Musician and vegan advocate Moby has used his Instagram account to spread the message about how destructive animal agriculture is to the planet.

Taking to social media on World Environment Day (June 5), he shared an image of a bleak landscape.

The image was emblazoned with the ironic message: “Happy World Environment Day.”

Animal agriculture

To emphasize his message, Moby wrote: “For World Environment Day it’s desperately worth remembering that animal agriculture is responsible for 45 percent of climate change , 95 percent of rainforest destruction, 40 percent of water use, and 50 percent of ocean acidification.

“So, of course we need to end our reliance on petroleum products, and stop using palm oil, but to save the only home we have(as well as 100 billion animals, yearly) we need to stop using animals for food.”

‘So simple’

Many of his followers responded to the post positively, with one writing: “Going vegan is something everyone can do to take part in making a difference! It’s so simple.”

One wrote: “Thank you Moby for your persistence in spreading this message! I truly admire all that you do and stand for.”

Another added: “Thank you for being the voice and always being real.”

Maria Chiorando

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