Reading Time: < 1 minute Alex O'Brien (left) implemented the 'man tax' at the cafe (Photo: Handsome Her Instagram)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

An Australian vegan cafe has implemented a ‘man tax’ in a bid to address inequality in the gender pay gap.

The levy is part of an initiative at Handsome Her eatery in Melbourne to make men think about male privilege – women are also given priority over seating.


Cafe owner Alex O’Brien said: “I do want people to think about it, because we’ve had this [pay discrepancy] for decades and decades and we’re bringing it to the forefront of people’s minds.

“I like that it is making men stop and question their privilege a little bit. There’s been nothing but positivity from everyone, males and females.”

The additional cash will be donated to the Elizabeth Morgan House, a charity which supports Aboriginal women and children.

O’Brien added that one man donated $50 (Aus) to the cause.

Social media

But the reaction on social media has been more mixed – with some branding the move ‘sexist’.

One angry Twitter used said: “This makes me sick. What the hell is wrong with these stupid women. Rules for men to enter?”


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