Reading Time: < 1 minute Veganism is a movement - not a fad (Photo: Max Felner)
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Veganism’s time has come, according to a leading market analyst.

Molly Johnson-Jones is a Senior Analyst at GlobalData Retail, speaking about the increasing number of vegan products available in mainstream outlets, she told the BBC that retailers are ‘seeking growth anywhere they can find it’.

She added: “You can charge more for premium and free-from products, so they’re really trying to tap into this.”

Low cost

According to Johnson-Jones, the increasing availability of vegan items in low-cost outlets (for example Aldi) which stock a small range of items, suggests veganism’s time has come.

She said: “I don’t think it’s a fad. I think it’s a genuine shift.”


According to Simon Winch, Chief Executive of Veganuary – a charity which encourages people to try veganism throughout January – retailers are seeing the increasing demand, and cashing in on it.

He said: “It’s companies following the pound.

“I think historically, people have looked at veganism as cranks in sandals, an uninspiring diet. 

“But what we’re seeing now is a fantastic range of delicious options and that’s why supermarkets are now proud to put vegan word on it.”

Maria Chiorando

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