Reading Time: 2 minutes Vegan activist Joey Carbstrong and dairy farmer Casey Treloar (Photo: Instagram/Facebook)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Vegan activist Joey Carbstrong has been described as ‘smug’ after he told a dairy farmer who has to shut down her business to ‘get another job’.

Australian dairy farmer Casey Treloar shared a video on Facebook where she cried about having to shut down her family farm due to falling profits.

Carbstrong posted a response video, in which he described the dairy industry as an injustice, and said that while he sympathized with the farmer, he saw the situation from the animal’s perspective.

‘Time to say goodbye’

“The clock has run out and it’s time to say goodbye,” said dairy farmer Casey Treloar. “We are getting 38 cents a litre across the year and it’s completely unsustainable.

“We can’t really afford to keep going anymore. We’re forever the optimist that the industry will get better – but for our family, we’ve come to a point where we can’t do it anymore.

“Dairying is something my dad has done his entire life, and I have done my entire life, but it has come to the point where our family has had to say ‘that’s it for us’.”

A dairy farmer admits her business is failing

‘Violent threats”

“Woke up to a few articles coupled with some pretty violent threats this morning following my video response to the dairy farmer having to shut down her family farm,” Joey Carbstrong wrote on social media, about the reports.

“Interesting how they call me smug in the title, yet in the article, they mention twice that I have sympathy for her struggle, although I recognize the animals are the real victims and it’s time for us to evolve past exploiting and murdering animals for products we don’t need.

“I mentioned a ‘middle ground’ in the interview. The middle ground I speak of is the liberation of all innocent animals from the oppressive system that enslaves and kills them by the trillion each year for unjustified reasons.

“It’s time we move into plant-based alternatives so the earth can heal from our environmental destruction and we can create a more peaceful sustainable world.”

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