Vegan Billie Eilish Says Farm Animals Are ‘Tortured For Your Pleasure’


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Vegan musician Billie Eilish (Photo: Instagram/Billie Eilish) - Media Credit:

Vegan musician Billie Eilish has slammed the meat and dairy industries for ‘torturing animals’.

The singer/songwriter, who has reportedly been vegan for several years, shared details of a recent major dairy industry expose with her 26 million Instagram followers via the stories function.

According to the investigation of Fair Oaks Farms in Indiana by Animal Recovery Mission, an undercover investigator witnessed abuse ‘within hours’ of starting their job, with video footage showing workers kicking, pushing, and slamming newborn calves to the ground because they did not nurse from the artificial rubber nipple – preferring to suckle on workers’ fingers instead.

‘Tortured for your pleasure’

“I keep my mouth shut most of the time about this because I believe everyone should do eat and say whatever they want..and I don’t feel the need to shove what I believe in, in anyone’s face.

“But man.. if you can watch the videos that I just posted and not give a f*ck that it’s YOU contributing by LITERALLY EATING the creatures that are being fully tortured just for your pleasure, I feel sorry for you.

“I understand that meat tastes good and I know you think you’re just one person and it ‘won’t change anything if you stop’ but that’s ignorant and stupid. If you have half a brain, you should know ‘one person’ adds up. Be smarter.”

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