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Pro-vegan, anti-egg poster have been launched in 42 transit shelter posters in key locations throughout the city of Toronto.

The posters are part of a campaign by, which seeks to ‘educate consumers about the cruel nature of industrial egg production and the consequences on human health from egg consumption’.

The campaign, which was launched on April 22, will run for six weeks – meaning the posters will be spotted by millions of commuters.


“There are two versions of the creative,” says “The first one is for exterior faces where sight-lines are long and read times are short. The other creative is for interior faces only and contains a multitude of descriptions about the many illnesses and conditions hens forced to lay eggs endure.

“The central image is of a ‘spent’ hen whom we’ve called ‘Lucy’. Lucy is representative of the millions of hens condemned to lay eggs in barns all over the world. Our campaign is using the hashtag #thisislucy.

“We hope in the coming weeks, the millions of commuters who will see these posters will appreciate the realities of egg production and will visit our website, begin to look for alternatives and make compassionate food choices going forward.”

In addition, 17,500 copies of the organization’s egg-free starter kit will be distributed through The Toronto Star – Canada’s largest circulation newspaper – on April 27, with street and social media actions to follow.

You can find out more about the organization here

Maria Chiorando

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