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Reading Time: 2 minutes

A prominent vegan advocate has died after being hit by a slaughterhouse truck driver, according to multiple reports.

65-year-old Regan Russell, a long-time member of Toronto Pig Save, was identified as the victim.

It is believed the incident took place at around 10.20 am on June 19 – as the truck was making its way through the gates of Fearman’s Pork – a processing plant in Ontario, Canada.

‘Keep fighting the fight’

“She died fighting for what she believed in,” life partner Mark Powell told The Hamilton Spectator, “Whatever it cost, she would pay … Sometimes it’s money. Sometimes, it’s this.”

Powell added that he views the death as an accident, stating: “We can’t let the cause she was fighting for become lost in a fog of outrage. Keep fighting the fight, but don’t be angry. Get the word out.”

Police investigation

A spokeswoman for Sofina Foods, who own Fearman’s Pork, said the company is fully cooperating with a police investigation into the death.

“Our Collision Reconstruction Unit remains on scene to conduct an investigation,” Halton police said in a statement, “We extend our sincere condolences to the friends and family of the deceased.”

No comments have been made about whether any charges have been made against the driver at the time of writing.

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