Vegan Advocate Celebrates 97th Birthday


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Anne Evers celebrates her 97th birthday (Photo: Instagram) - Media Credit:

Vegan advocate Anne Evers celebrated her 97th birthday last weekend.

The prolific advocate ditched animal products more than a year ago, after watching pro-vegan documentary.

Since then she has gained media attention, speaking out about her lifestyle, famously saying the only way to protest the treatment of farmed animals is to stop eating them.

‘Exciting to see so many vegans’

Evers took to Instagram – where she has nearly 50,000 followers – to speak about her birthday weekend.

She said: “This past weekend I turned 97 and had the best birthday ever. On Saturday my granddaughter opened up her family restaurant in my honor and offered their vegan menu only. It was so exciting to see a packed house full of vegans!

“And it was such a treat to have people come up to chat and wish me a happy day. I felt so special and had so much fun. On Sunday we did a watercolor workshop followed by dinner. Feeling SO GRATEFUL for my health and my mind and I’m so excited to see where this next year takes me! Thank you all for following me on my journey.”

Anne Ever turned vegan after watching ‘What the Health’

‘Never to late to change’

Speaking about her transition to veganism earlier this year, Evers said: “I went vegan three weeks before my 96th birthday. I made the transition after watching the documentary What the Health. I was inspired by the stories of sick individuals going plant-based and being able to get off their medications.

“I could relate because I was diagnosed with irregular heartbeat shortly before and put on medication that made me feel terrible. I made the switch and a few weeks later, my irregular heartbeat went away! Now I’m inspired by the environmental and ethical impact this diet has.

“I had no idea that animal agriculture was the leading cause of climate change, deforestation and water waste. I also didn’t make the connection that the only difference between farm animals and animals we keep as pets is your perception. It’s empowering to know that I’m making a difference on these issues by changing what’s on my plate. It’s never too late to change!”

Roy Burdin went vegan after learning about factory farming. Video: Supplied by Vegetarian for Life

98-year-old vegan

Anne Ever’s birthday follows the recent 98th birthday of UK vegan Roy Budin, who has been vegan for three decades.

In a statement sent to Plant Based News, he spoke about his choosing veganism, and what he likes to eat, saying: “I was well into my 60s when I went vegan. It was still considered to be rather an advanced step and a lot of people who were vegetarian couldn’t see the point in giving up dairy produce and so on.

“It wasn’t until factory farming came along and it was that aspect that convinced me that to be honest, you had to go vegan rather than just vegetarian. I keep my food simple. I don’t agree with all this elaborate culinary work. I must say a lot of vegan recipe books don’t turn me on because you find you need a whole range of things you just haven’t go in stock. Why make things complicated?”

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