Giant Pro-Vegan Ads Target Major University Campuses Across The UK


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The huge poster has been seen by thousands of people (Photo: Toby Brown Photography) - Media Credit:

Giant vegan ads have been displayed near university campuses across the UK, in a bid to make people think about the animals they are eating.

The posters, which can be seen in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow, Newcastle and Oxford, are part of the Lifeline campaign by pressure group Animal Justice Project.

Although universities refused to display the paid advertising on campuses, the organization has put its message in front of thousands, by displaying the non-graphic images on a mobile digi-van near the universities to get the attention of students.

‘Surprising reasons’

The group says it was surprised by the some of the reasons given by universities for refusing to display the adverts – given their non-graphic nature.

Reasons included that they posters could ‘divide some opinion’, that there are ‘different cultural stances to consider in relation to a campaign’, and that there would be ‘concerns sharing a specific moral message that may be alienating for some students’.

Two universities that have allowed on-campus advertising are Kings College London and Huddersfield University. Student union cafes at both these universities currently boast Lifeline ‘Table Wraps’ on tables designed to spark conversation among students about animals and veganism. In addition to the ads, the group is also providing information to take away.


“Despite having disappointing responses from the universities, we’ve gone above and beyond to get our message on veganism and animal rights out there,” Ayrton Cooper, Animal Justice Project’s Lifeline Campaigner, said.

“Our Lifeline campaign has had a tremendous start and events are being set up all over the country. The ads were designed to encourage onlookers to question themselves about where they draw the line with regards to animals, and from street interviews, the responses by both students and the public have been overwhelmingly in favor of animal rights, with many saying they had already been considering switching to a vegan diet because of concerns about animal welfare.

“Veganism is no longer seen as a fad diet for the few – it is a modern and exciting lifestyle that is catching on rapidly with the younger generations and we are delighted to play our part in the change.”


Lifeline is backed by a number of high profile vegans including Harry Potter star Evanna Lynch, Downtown Abbey‘s Peter Egan and vegan Labour MP Kerry McCarthy.

“Campaigns such as Lifeline are succeeding in opening people’s eyes about what we do to animals,” Lynch said in a statement sent to Plant Based News

“The proof is already there with the number of vegans in Britain quadrupling in the past four years.”

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