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actor Ruby Rose has been cast as Batwoman in an upcoming release from television network CW – a roll which will make her television’s first openly gay female superhero.


The star – who rose to fame in her gender-bending role in hit Netflix show Orange Is The
New Black
– is a known advocate for not only animals, but social justice and LGBTQ+

Rose took to Instagram to say that the casting fulfils a ‘childhood dream’, and told
talk show host Jimmy Fallon
that she’s ‘thrilled’ to have been chosen for the roll.

She added: “I
feel like the reason I got so emotional is that growing up, watching TV, I
never saw someone on TV that I could identify with, let alone a superhero, you

Bat fan

Rose also
shared with Fallon that she had grown up with bats that her mother had found as
babies and nursed ‘back to life’.

reportedly resulted in a long-term fascination with the animals for the actor.