Reading Time: < 1 minute Actor Mena Suvari speaks about the horror of down production (Photo: PETA)
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Vegan actor Mena Suvari has blasted the down industry in a new campaign for animal rights charity PETA.

According to the star – who is well known for her role in American Pie – she was horrified when she learned about how down (bird feathers – often from duck and geese) is produced.

PETA says: “With a swirl of bloody feathers encircling her face…vegan Mena Suvari blasts the down industry in a brand-new ad campaign for PETA US that proclaims ‘Cruelty to Animals Gets Me Down. Down Production Is Agony for Ducks. Please Don’t Buy It’.”

Mena Suvari campaigns for PETA


In the campaign’s accompanying video, Suvari says: “I just remember sitting in my home, and I was watching one of the videos showing these geese who were having their feathers ripped out while they were still alive, and they were screaming. It was really, really horrifying.”

Getting emotional at the memory, she adds: “I could not believe that we as human beings could take part in something like that. I could not accept myself after watching that video, laying my head down on these pillows and going to sleep that night.” The activist immediately threw her feather-filled duvets and pillows in the rubbish bin.

“What I would love for people to take away from this campaign is just to start thinking,” Suvari said. “And continue that process because as I’ve learned there are so many other options, there are so many alternatives.”

Maria Chiorando

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