Reading Time: 2 minutes Activists found the piglet on a gruesome farm (Photo: Natura Umana)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Vegan activists have revealed to Plant Based News what happened to the trembling pig in an animal rights video that went viral.

The video, which multiple people said turned them vegan, showed the small animal named Jasmin convulsing with fear on a grim farm. Her ears had been chewed by the other pigs who were so stressed they were turning to cannibalism.

Activists at a Meat the Victims event in the Netherlands entered the facility, and spent some time comforting Jasmin, who they describe as ‘violently spasming with meningitis’. They then spent nine hours negotiating for her release for several hours with police. Unfortunately, the police insisted Jasmin was left in the facility to die.

Jasmin’s story

Speaking to PBN, activists said: “The room was covered in darkness and sounds of grunts combined with hundreds of feet on the plastic floor. Only a spot of light at the end of the hallway was revealing the individuals responsible for the noise.

“Even though crowded, they were curious and they were moving around. This was the moment we saw her – lying on the floor, unable to move while the others were eating her alive, she was violently spasming with meningitis. She was looking around in terror with her only visible eye, too weak to even scream.

“Driven by her helplessness, we got her out trying to minimize her suffering and at that moment we decided to negotiate for saving Jasmin’s life. For nine hours, I was holding her fragile body in my arms. After a while she started to calm down and relax, filling me with gratitude for being able to give her some comfort for the very first time in her short and miserable life. She fell asleep in my lap and curled up into the warmth of my body.”


They added that the negotiations went on ‘for hours’ – and for some time it seemed like they would be successful in being about to remove Jasmin from the farm they described as a ‘hell hole’. But this was not to be.

“Without any reasoning, the police decided at the last moment to deny that to her, so I had to leave Jasmin behind. The moment I put her down, part of my heart died. I will never forget how confused she was looking me in the eyes. Sick and mutilated, she was now on her own again, alone on a cold concrete floor. The smell of the blood on her ears is still fresh in my memory.

“Jasmin was born to be killed, she died in agony like many of her sisters and brothers we saw. To kill an animal unnecessarily is cruel and violent. promised Jasmin, we will not stop. Until every cage is empty.”

The video was filmed by Natura Umana. You can find out more here

Maria Chiorando

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