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The event was organized by Anonymous for the Voiceless (see video)

Vegan activists in Sydney have reportedly broken the record for biggest vegan street demonstration at The World’s Biggest Cube Of Truth event today.

The ‘cube of truth’, organized by animal rights group Anonymous for the Voiceless, features activists in a square formation, showing footage of factory farming (‘truth’) to the public.

An impressive 104 activists were officially counted at 3pm, though it is believed around 140 in total gathered at Sydney’s Pitt Street Mall to spread the vegan message.


Activists formed a Cube of 44 people, beating Sydney’s previous record of 28. 

According to Facebook group Save Poppy and Friends: “Holding 12 large screens, laptops, tablets and signs with powerful messages, Sydney hadn’t seen the likes of it and crowds gathered to take in the spectacle and message that stopped them in their tracks.

“With thousands of passers-by stopping to view the footage and engage with members of the outreach team, this resulted in a record-breaking 569 people taking animal rights seriously, and vowing to begin their path to becoming vegan.”

This was a huge increase on Sydney’s previous Cube world record of 313.

A cube of truth event from several months ago


Save Poppy and Friends added: “Today’s event was truly awe-inspiring, made possible by many dedicated individuals, but we would like to give special mention to Lachlan Jacques, whose vision and organisation was key to today’s incredible success.

“Thank you to everybody who participated – particularly the amazing number of first-timers – your presence today is the reason why so many people will wake up tomorrow starting their new life as a vegan.”


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