Vegan Activists Attend Food Awards To Highlight Animal Suffering On Farms


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Viva! investigated the farm in 2017 and 2018 (Photo: Viva!) - Media Credit:

Vegan activists attended a major food industry awards ceremony last night in a bid to bring attention to animal suffering.

Campaigners from animal welfare charity Viva! presented a senior director from retail giant Tesco with a trophy – for ‘worst supermarket for animal cruelty’.

The award follows Viva!’s investigations of a pig farm – Hogwood – which revealed grim conditions including cannibalism. Viva! has lobbied Tesco to drop the supplier, but the retailer has so far refused.

Undercover footage of the farm revealed animal suffering

‘Horror’ Farm

“Despite the overwhelming amount of damning evidence exposed at Hogwood in 2017, both the Government and regulatory bodies overseeing the industry have failed to issue any sanctions to this farm, Juliet Gellatley, Founder and Director of Viva! said after investigating the farm twice.

“There have been no repercussions for the people who are keeping these animals in such horrific conditions.

“Our second investigation shows that Hogwood farm is contemptuous towards animal welfare; with pigs kept in filthy, barren conditions and injured and ill pigs still being left in a gangway with not even a blade of straw for comfort.”


“We have tried calling, emailing, sending letters and even holding demonstrations outside stores across the UK,” said a Viva! spokesperson speaking about yesterday’s action.

“Tesco have IGNORED us. So [last] night we took our campaign to them in person.

“We will not stop until Tesco drop Hogwood horror farm.”

Plant Based News has contacted Tesco and will update this story in due course.

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