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Vegan activists from animal rights charity PETA protested outside Canada Goose‘s European flagship store in London today in a bid to pile pressure on the brand to ditch fur.

According to the charity: “[The campaigners] ‘lay nearly naked and bloody” on a pile of ‘Canada Goose coats’…One protester’s leg was caught in a giant ‘steel trap’, and others held signs proclaiming ‘Canada Goose Kills’.”

‘Prolonged, painful death’

“Trapped coyotes endure a prolonged, painful death, all so that the fur on their backs can be torn off and sold as trim for Canada Goose’s cruelly produced coats,” PETA Director, Elisa Allen, said in a statement sent to Plant Based News. PETA is calling on kind people to reject cruelty to animals by refusing to give a single penny to Canada Goose.”

PETA added: “Coyotes caught in bone-crushing traps can endure horrific injuries and languish for days before eventually dying of dehydration, starvation, or blood loss.

“Some are so desperate to escape that they attempt to chew through their own limbs. In addition, birds used for the down stuffed into Canada Goose’s outerwear may spend their lives inside crowded, filthy sheds until their throats are slit.”

Canada Goose

A public statement previously released by Canada Goose said: “Surge, PETA, and other activist groups misrepresent the facts and use sensational tactics to try to elicit a reaction and mislead consumers. 

“They ignore the strict government regulation and standards that are in place, as well as our commitment to ethical sourcing practices and responsible use of fur and down.”

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