Reading Time: 2 minutes A sticker on a packet of meat (Photo: Facebook)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

An Australian news outlet has branded activists who put vegan stickers on meat packages ‘extremists’.

The article follows reports of stickers with slogans about health and animal rights being found in supermarkets.


According to “One sticker features a photo of a diseased foot with the caption ‘meat consumption causes diabetes’ while another has a photo of what appears to be heart surgery accompanied by the text ‘meat consumption causes heart disease’.

“Others come with a strong animal rights message.

“One sticker, which includes a distressing photo of a dead cow, comes with the slogan ‘you can’t regulate violence. You can only abolish it’ while another asks ‘how can you be an animal lover and eat dead animals?”

Anonymous for the Voiceless is thought to be behind the campaign


Calling the campaign ‘propaganda’, the article says it is the work of global vegan group Anonymous for the Voiceless.

According to The Daily Telegraph newspaper, Kaj McBeth who helped produce the stickers – but hasn’t placed them, said: “The way I look at it, I am not doing anything illegal.

“Whether people want to stick them in places is up to them, I am happy to facilitate that choice if you choose to make it.”

Changing minds

A UK activist told PBN: “I have done this kind of activism myself – and had positive results.

“Of course lots of people dislike it, but I think that’s because it forces them to confront the implications of their choices.

“I don’t think all meat-eaters are bad people, but they have bought into this idea that it’s ok to exploit and abuse animals.

“I also think they believe that slaughter is humane.

“I see this as a way to break these ideas – and maybe make people think about whether they want to be part of this cycle of death.

“Is putting a sticker on something extremist? I think torturing and killing animals is extreme.”

Maria Chiorando

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